A hat is a good enough reason for jewels

Summer is hot in Seoul. Korean girls hide their skin from the sun under umbrellas and hats to keep skin’s porcelain whiteness. Suntan is not in fashion here but hats are. Apart from their practical purpose hats have become trendy in Seoul due to ‘Paris effect’. Black hats are often associated with a decadent, bohemian and artistic look that can be found in the streets of Le Marais in Paris. A hat is the ‘it’ object to go out for a weekend brunch in stylish and wealthy Apgujeong or Cheongdam districts in Seoul. So why not adorn hats with some jewels? Velvety black of a hat is perfect to present jewels in their every detail. Van Cleef and Arples piece in the photo looks absolutely beautiful on a simple black hat 🎩 . This is one more way to spend sparkling summer!

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