A Korean who bejewels Hollywood

A Korean-born New York-based jeweller is dreaming big – she wants to be present at the jewelry Couture Show. In this, Tana Chung shows true spirit of Korea that achieved ambitious economic success. Currently, Tana seems to navigate maze of Hollywood and Manhattan quite well: Jenifer Lopez, Hillary Duff and others wore her creations. But the world of fine jewelry is full of great personalities and Tana needs to differentiate. She says that TanaChung (@tanachung) brings together moderateness and frugality of Asia with bright and vigorous colors of the Western tradition in jewelry making. The result is, as she claims, ‘a difference in beauty’.

Tana’s jewelry is about balance. But it also about process of finding a balance inside an asymmetric geometric form. From my perspective, TanaChung jewels are a process rather than the final result. Modernity makes people to continuously look for a balanced life and her jewelry may be a reflection of this process. It is especially so when thinking that she lives in New York where a buzzing city life makes balance a distant perspective. Tana’s distribution so far has been small, internationally available at Shopbob, but she has a goal to grow. Wish her best of luck! 🍀

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