Alighieri Jewelry craziness in Seoul

Just in three months Alighieri became the most searched jewelry brand on Korean SNS. It is so popular that some customers face difficulties to order it on Farfetch or Matchesfashion. Alighieri is a brand founded by an Oxford graduate in Italian Literature Rosh Mahtani who draws her inspiration from Dante’s ‘The Divine Comedy’.

In Seoul, her brand got noticed after a famous Korean TV personality, comedian and fashionista Kim Na-young wore the jewelry in a video she released on YouTube in June 2018. Korean SNS exploded immediately wanting to know where to get it. Alighieri even became know as ‘Kim Na-young’s jewelry’. Some customers want it so badly that they are ready to pay a premium price to overseas personal shoppers.

Why did Alighiery become so popular? It is in the trend of big earrings and stackable necklaces; it is unobtrusive and goes well with simple black or white, preferred by Koreans; it sells at an affordable price so that working women can buy it as a gift for themselves; and it is a celebrity power. From this small epic case it becomes clear that celebrities have a big power over fashion trends in Korea and can be a ‘make-it-or-break-it’ factor for success of a brand.

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