Chanel aims at K-pop’ers

‘Lalala’ – repetitive tune, ‘Lalala’ – the melody reminds about summer… ready to dress up, turn on this very ‘Lalala’ and drive till the road ends. ‘Lalala’ is a music video by a rising Korean girls group (G)I-DLE. Watching it, one of the first things that one notices is a wide gold metallic Chanel necklace on a tender porcelain neck of a singer. In Korea, bold jewelry of this kind are rather uncommon. Korean girls enhance their femininity with smaller and subtle jewelry pieces. But may be it used to be so… Things change in Korea very quickly. The new generation of Koreans still possess a reserved demeanor but is far more likely to explore and mix codes, create unique ensembles that talk about their individuality. Chanel grasped this and took actions. Chanel is one of the two brand names that have a strong visual presence in this catchy ‘Lalala’ video. Another name is ‘Puma’ written on a fan from Fenty Puma line. Unlike Chanel, Fenty Puma is emotionally charged with pop-culture. But by creating association with young and rising K-pop stars a classic luxury brand like Chanel can also become an element of pop culture. This also helps to build a customer base among younger and pop-culture oriented Koreans.

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