Couple jewelry marketing in Korea

Gwyneth Paltrow once mentioned ‘conscious de-coupling’. This is not fun at all. But ‘conscious coupling’ is. People love making couples, the process has an air of happiness around it. Couples are good for jewelry brands too as they get ideas for creative process and opportunities for marketing. Couple marketing, or selling two identical pieces to a couple, is common in Seoul. Seoul couples like gifting each other identical pieces in a symbolic meaning of being a wholesome, sharing a bondage. Chaumet is one of the jewelry brands that benefits from this local practice. The brand’s bracelet ‘Bee my love’ have found its way into hearts of married and unmarried Korean couples. Seoulites value in these bracelets : name of the brand as an emblem of continuity, recognition and artistic creation; design inspiration from nature as an emblem of eternal values of devotion and belonging; sophisticated simplicity. Variations of the bracelet without diamonds enjoy success which could be rationalized by several reasons. Bracelets without diamonds suit both men and women, they are wearable in everyday life and with any other piece of jewelry – expensive or not. They are light, elegant, fun, romantic and beautiful.

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