Dream world Chanel 24/7

In Seoul, Chanel launched a marketing campaign ’24/7 with Chanel sneakers’ to promote, obviously, the sneakers. Boasting crispy clean line and light color they have a lace with the brand name running through the full length of the lace, an element that distinguishes them from similar products of other brands. 

It is not rare to see how luxury brands adapt streetwear to their arsenal of products to seduce consumers. But there is something unsettling about the look created in the campaign video: A young Korean girl in white stocking, looking almost like school girl but wearing Chanel from head to toe including the sneakers enters a revolving door of an office skyscraper somewhere in central Seoul.  A cool look particularly for a school girl. The trick is that the girl is the Digital Director of the Korean Vogue. However, in video she looks so young that one forgets about her personality and keep thinking ‘Can that young girl afford buying a total Chanel look?’

Well, perhaps an average Korean young girl cannot but she can definitely dream about it. The same way she can dream about having a nice job in a cool-looking modern building at the center of Seoul or dream about being busy with friends and clients on the smartphone trying to setup her bursting schedule in the most effective way and manage to squeeze in a visit to skin clinic for her beauty routine. Like other luxury brands, Chanel is a status of class in Seoul and over last years has also become a mark of social success. Wearing Chanel sneakers is almost like saying my job allows me to indulge 24/7 into wearing Chanel. 

24/7 is another interesting trick in the campaign. It serves as a common sign of a convenience store in Seoul. It is nice to have anything from Chanel handy 24/7 but luxury is also something reverend and treasured and not always compatible with an easy-to-reach convenience store. What could it mean in relation to Chanel? Perhaps 24/7 is just a part of a dream of a young Korean girl – dream of attaining that stage in life when she can reach for Chanel whenever she feels like. May the dream come true!

Campaign video available at :http://www.vogue.co.kr/2019/01/05/%EC%83%A4%EB%84%AC-%EC%8A%A4%EB%8B%88%EC%BB%A4%EC%A6%88%EC%99%80-%ED%95%A8%EA%BB%98-%ED%95%98%EB%8A%94-24-7/

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