Hermes closes 2018 in Seoul with its vision of home space

Hermes elegantly finished 2018 in Seoul with an exhibition exploring concepts of modern art of living at home. Called ‘Species of Spaces’, this was the second Hermes exhibition in the Korean capital this year only, the first one about Jewelry took place in spring, and the first ever collection of home furniture and decor shown to Seoulites. 

What was behind the exhibition? The créatrice of the French Luxury Maison Charlotte Macaux Perelman shared her vision about ‘living à la Hermes’: chic hermesesque minimalism at the foundation with fusions of colors, shapes and materials places on top. In her own words, Perelman explored ways to achieve harmony through colors. But it came out much more than that.

Because art of living is also about the right harmonious shape, the exhibition goes beyond color only and comes closer to the search of avantegarde artists like Malevich on expressive power of form and color and their combination. Indeed, objet, as Perelman calls her creations, enter a discourse about human space that it is refined in its lines and yet feels comfortably home. Use of different materials like textiles, leather, porcelain, paper, wood all contribute to create a unique feeling of home and, in the end, the while universe within a home space.

Abundance of rose shades and mid tones in the exhibition wasn’t something to be expected from Hermes that has been oriented towards brighter colors. But rose brings lightness essential for movement which also exists in Hermes DNA.
After traveling to Dubai, Taiwan, Seoul has been the third stop for the exhibition, thus once again confirming its importance for luxury brands in Asia and showing that it has got a market for Haute Vivre. The exhibition lasted for a week only at Hermes flagman boutique near Doosan Park, area associated with luxury leaving, bons vivants, modern galleries and luxury cars. 

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