Kim Nam-joo’s Voyage to Umbria

In their tactics to win customers’ hearts, luxury clothes brands follow in the footsteps of watch and jewelry brands.

To build closer relationship with its Korean customers, an Italian luxury clothes brand Fabiana Filippi uses some of the strategies applied by watch and jewelry brands. In September the bran took their ambassador actress Kim Nam-joo to Milan for the SS19 Fashion show and the to Umbria- a homeland for the brand, where it made a series of photos to promote the brand. It was not simply a voyage but a theatrical performance in the true Roman spirit. Set against old weathered earthy-colored stones of rural building, soft green of olive trees, noble lines of piazzas images of Kim Nam-joo wearing Fabiana Filippi clothes instill effortless elegance, classicism and modernity, dignity and naturalism that brand communicates to its customers in Seoul.

The choice of Kim Nam-joo, embodying sophisticated urban woman, as the brand ambassador could not be better. The first thing to not is that Fabiana Filippi’s customer base is Seoul are women in the age group starting at 40 who devoted their efforts to families raising children and providing support for success of their husbands. Comfortable, elegant and natural clothes is important for them in their daily life. Actress Kim Nam-joo has a lot of symbolism for these customers. Bot only she took a few years off from her career to create a family and raise two kids but in her career she portrayed a modern Korean housewife in TV series ‘Queen of Housewives’. So she is the right person to communicate about Italian heritage and craftsmanship of Fabiana Filippi.

Humans love what they know and love who they know there is no other way to change this psychology. Seoul housewives know who Kim Nam-joo is and what values she is standing for. Her voyage to Italy with Fabiana Filippi is a good investment to brand’s image in Korea that will help to build lasting and loving relationship with Korean customers.

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