Gucci for rent!

Gucci or Louis Vuitton bag, ultimate status symbol, for rent in Seoul! As luxury renting services gain popularity, it becomes a reality and a huge help for a growing number of professional women. In an image conscious society as the Korean one, having a statement article is a key element of success. Bags from Gucci, Louis Vuitton or the like are items with a powerful message about social and professional standing. That is why they are and will always be coveted.  Luxury clothing and bags in general also communicate about ‘relevance’, how much a person is in the current moment, knows what is going on and knows how to talk about it with personal style. In Seoul, individual’s ability to spot the trend and respond to it is something crucial on a daily basis. Because pace of change is so fast here, it is expected from people.

Series Eight customer

However, when women have families, babies times becomes a scarce resource. It is harder to free oneself for shopping not mentioning closely watching multiple trends. Also, spending optimization comes into focus. Cost of raising raising a child in Seoul is high and moms need to prioritize whether to send a child to extra courses or buy another bag. In addition, there are  moments of questioning ‘value for use’: without a lifestyle of a fashion blogger many ‘it-bags’, ‘it-skirts’, ‘it-dresses’ have a high chance to end up on a shelf dusting. That is why working professional women in Seoul start using luxury renting services.

Reebonz web-site

There are two active platforms – Reebonz and Series Eight that were introduced following the US experience. The first one functions on a subscription base: depending on the package you choose, you can change your outfit from two to more times per months and have extra premium choices for additional fee. Basically, it is like Amazon rolling on delivery. The Series Eight team has ambitions to let their customers rent high-end items for a period they want without putting rules to change every month. Both have their own challenges but because prices for luxury items in Korea are substantially higher than in other places and incomes do not keep up with their growth, number of rental services users will grow. So, it will be all the more interesting to watch the upcoming transformation of luxury customer experiences! Looking forward to it!

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