No stop for K-pop: Korea promotes K-jewellery

Korea puts efforts to promote K-jewelry through its successful duty-free shops. One of the brands in K-jewelry is ‘Naschenka’ ( specialized in silver and gold hand-made pieces decorated with jade, coral and amber. All the pieces are inspired by oriental naturalism: flowers-cherry and red plum blossoms, peonies, – bamboo or butterflies found their way into ‘Naschenka’ jewelry. A big hit are the hair pins worn by East Asian women in the past. One of the country’s leading duty-free chains also affiliated with a bespoken luxury department store Shinsegae has supported the brand by allowing its presence in Seoul’s downtown duty free visited by millions of people annually. Naschenka is represented inside a K-jewelry space modeled after K-beauty and K-sunglasses spaces that had proved to be a success earlier.
The major target for K-jewelry is of course Chinese customers who are attracted to Naschenka due to Korean historic dramas and similar cultural codes that had been started by imperial China some hundreds years ago. Koreans hope to popularize K-jewelry among American and European visitors which they claim already represent 10% of their customer base. Go, Korea, go!

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