Seoul is growing talents : 3 Korean jewelry brands to watch

Seoul has been actively growing domestic jewelry talents in response to the expanding domestic market, and it has garnered some results here. Multiple domestic jewelry brands sprang offering customers a great variety of modernist choice. Three brands were particularly trending in 2018, as their pieces were often seen on Korean celebrities. And with a massive entertainment industry whose international status is increasing, celebrities influence becomes crucial for brands’ success with consumers. Below are three snapshots of the brands.

‘X te’ (pronounced as ‘per te’) is the brand that had received a lot of publicity in summer. The official Instagram account is filled with photos of stars wearing its products. Translated from Italian as ‘For You’ the brand has founded its story on Italian fashion heritage and jewelry making tradition. Designs for ‘X te’ come from Vicenza, the city of the jewelers, and the launching of the brand has taken place in Milan, one of world’s fashion capitals. ‘X te’ products are praised for being very light almost unnoticeable for the skin which is why brand’s message to customers goes as ‘jewelry as light as a touch of cream to your skin’. ‘X te’ organised its distribution quite too with presence in all major luxury department stores in Korea.

‘Studio 1064’ produces modernist extravagant jewelries. Deriving its name from the temperature when gold melts – 1064 degrees C, the brand offers designs of melted gold color. Elements of Ancient Greece aesthetics are also very noticeable which align the brand with the current trend for the vintage jewelry. At the same time ‘Studio 1064’ has a minimalist appeal with its clean line that goes well both with everyday clothes as well as party outfits. The brand’s collection was feature in the Porter Magazine published by the on-line fashion distributor Net-A-Porter, it is also available to buy in New York and Japan. One of the most recent initiative was a pop-up store in Paris called ‘Beyond Kimchi’ This is quite impressive for a new brand.


‘Portrait report’ has a slightly different twist comparing to the two brands above. It makes gender neutral jewelry that can be worn both by men and women. As stated on the brand’s web-site, in this way the brand tries to overcome fashion stereotypes. By integrating men and women they blur the line between sexes and create a single customer group which they call WO.MAN. Simple, laconic designs of the ‘Portrait report’ jewelry allows easily switch jewelries which can be practical fr dating couples. This is also a fresh take at the couple pieces which are very popular in Seoul


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