The price of air in Seoul

Luxury and fashion companies can and should use its power to communicate about air-friendly choices.

This spring the “IT” fashion item in Seoul is an urban mask. In essence being a mask to protect human respiratory system from micro-dust, it allows to breeze and to some extent ward off harmful effect of the dust.

I was writing about micro-dust storms from China that started to heat Seoul recently. Past winter Seoul has experiences one of the worst storms when for several days sky was orange-greyish-yellow so it felt almost like being in a Mongolian desert. The air was dense from the dust.

A normal day to day life without wearing a mask is hardly possible nowadays otherwise you risk to damage health. Even ultimate Seoul fashionistas had to succumb. They started wearing masks putting health over looks first. This has brought a new fashion item to the market – ‘I Don’t Care’ Mask.

The new urban mask is integrating into fashionista wardrobes as a necessity item. The issues is so big and serious that Korean Vogue has featured style ideas for the masks in its March issue.

Luxury companies have launched many sustainability initiatives. Air too has to be a part of them. Air is that fundamental which allows existence of everything in this world. Luxury companies have as much power and resources as tech or financial giants. And in some way they are closer to people and can influence their minds on a deeper level. Fashion can use its power of voice to talk about quality of air more.

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