Seoul single ladies’ choice : monochrome asymmetric simple-ness

‘Seoul single ladies’ (SSL) is a new emerging customer group. With wider economic roles their affluence and ,thus, power and significance as customers grow. They will shape one of important consumer trends in Korea across wide range of sectors, clothes and jewelry included. What are key characteristics of SSL? They earn enough to buy things for pleasure, they probably have a loan for car or an apartment, work occupies an important place in their lives, they keep open eyes and open hearts to new things, and they have not yet decided whether they are ready for the family. Of course, they are not free from social pressures of older generations that an unmarried woman of 30ish is kind of a stigma but they are independent enough not to succumb under pressure. Looking through Korean magazines, I have noticed a certain pattern in their style. Single ladies seem to prefer simple chick in monochrome gamma accentuated by a clean asymmetric line. They adorn outfits with minimal jewelry and choose one eye catching piece. This season the piece is big earrings that give a subtle sparkle to a subdued tone of their clothes. Time to embrace Korean single ladies!

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