Tiffany brings new collection to Seoul

‘A collection born out of a flower caught in a wind and put into a delicate pin’. Words introducing Tiffany’s new platinum collection The Paper Flower sound like a Korean traditional poem Sijo. The Paper Flower is a story about minimalism and naturalism, femininity and modernity. With sales of collection starting just a few weeks ago, Tiffany entered a realm of brands offering flower-inspired jewelry. Van Cleef and Arples has been reigning here with its Alhambra for many years, later came in Chaumet and Piaget. Though paper flower may sound simple, it comes with a cost. A collection ring costs around $7.5 thous. which is higher than the price for VCA Vintage Alhambra ring in red carnelian with a diamond at the center that comes at $4 thous. Tiffany tries to lure customers with platinum, the brilliant setting and its strong brand value in Korea built primarily on bridal and association with New York.

This collection aims at millenials who favor unobtrusive luxury. A clean line and subtle shimmer of diamonds have all chances to appeal to Korean eyes still influenced by Confucian tradition of not standing out too much. Success however will depend on how Tiffany can differentiate its products from competitors.

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